Monday, September 10, 2018

RPL Play Report #2

Play Notes 8/12

Thanks Josh for writing the play report!  We are only 2 sessions behind now.

After solving a tapestry based puzzle, Jarreth and Kvothe were once again pulled into through the looking glass and back to the main quest.

After returning to the bridge where they had recovered the Queen’s shoe they discussed what to do next. It was quickly decided to follow the Pseudo Turtle’s advice and find the papers, which naturally would seem to be with the companion of the vampire they had just slain. After further discussion they decided to continue on the path based on information provided by the Pudding (the Pudding or “Chocolate Brown with Hazelnut” is a sentient and gossipy creature that long time readers will recognize from the previous play report).
Our Hero

The party encountered a well marked as R^3. Inside were three children willing to trade for food. After ridding themselves of a few days rations (despite the children’s pleas for the pudding) the children provided information that they had indeed seen the mysterious stranger, a figure dressed like a mime but disguised as a statute. Fearing that the figure might actually be a statue, Jarreth traded the children for a rod with which Kvothe could use as a weapon while fashioning himself a maul. During this period a seven of clubs appeared in search of the shoe and seemed to want to get information from the children in the well by killing them. Jarreth tricked the vampire into drinking some holy water and the party defeated the vampire after a short combat.

The party then moved to the North and encountered the statue garden where the figure they chased was likely headed. The statue garden was guarded by three horse-sized shrikes (shrikes Jarreth knew to be carnivorous birds based on his recollection of the exotic bird book). Kvothe picked up the target’s trail and while Jarreth distracted the Shrikes from a safe distance, Kvothe snuck in. Kvothe found the statue/mime, assaulted him, and then hid himself in a safe place. The mime was less quiet expected and was consequently eaten by birds. Kvothe recovered the statue’s messenger bag using mage hand and the party left back to the passage that had lead to this outer area.

The passage randomly teleported them into the Queen of Heart’s castle. The party appeared in a dark crypt that turned out to be the resting place of the kings and queens of spades, diamonds and clubs. The kings and queens were apparently missing their heads but that did not stop them from promising all manner of things if only the party would return their heads. Kvothe was unmoved by their promises and started working on a method to get out through the trap door above them. Jarreth made a fairly noncommittal promise to the King of Spades and took a mighty two handed weapon that had been used by a Jack of Spades. Using his Eldritch Knight powers he bonded to it while Kvothe explored above.

Kvothe discovered a Footman in Livery and proceeded to murder it. Jarreth rejoined and the party discovered themselves to be in a secret passage that leads to the hallway adjacent to the playrooms.

Entering the playroom they discovered their old friend the tapestry maker in a major panic. Four 9s of hearts had stolen his works, placed them on the walls and lit fire to them. Without hesitation, Jarreth threw the pudding against the blazing tapestries, filling the room with a rich aroma and putting out the flames. Jarreth then, using the Queen’s shoe, bullied out of the hearts that it was the Pale King responsible for the attack. Jarreth then had the tapestry maker examine the giants’ tapestry he had stolen and he learned of its value as propaganda. The party decided to bring the tapestry maker along as they headed to the Queen’s court and proceeded to rotate their gravity appropriately.

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