Monday, September 24, 2018

R&PL Play Report 3

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OK I need to type up a short play report on these two sessions so I can reasonably assign a player to do #5.  It's been a few weeks so it's going to be somewhat cursory.

The party (Kvothe, Jarreth and the Pudding) attended the masque of the Queen of Hearts, seeing a variety of notable court personages, including the Pseudoturtle, The Dutchess (young and beautiful distant relation of the Queen), The UltraDuke (Suicide King themed courtly love romantic interest for the Queen), the Mad Hatter (agent of the Pale King), The Jack, and Ildonna, a Red Bride.  Plus various hangers-on, bureaucrats, croquet masters and similar.

The Queen of Hearts was delighted that the party had found not only her missing shoe but also her stolen documents (recipe for tarts that when read through a cipher revealed Heart battle plans). However, when the party attempted to pin the blame on agents of the Pale King, the Hatter stepped forward, drunk, and showed an alternative code that could also be used to interpret the recipe.  This 'revealed' another interpretation that pinned the blame on the party.  After arguing back and forth and the sharing of multiple recriminations, the Queen stated that she was bored and hungry, and demanded the deliciously cooked pudding.  The party asked CB (Chocolate Brown with Hazelnut, the Pudding's name) if they were cool with being eaten.  CB stated that they didn't wish to be eaten, but that maybe they could engage the Queen in lively conversation and she would be so enthralled she wouldn't eat them. That did not work out.

Croquet Grounds 

After the Queen finished devouring CB with four quick bites, the proof was in the pudding.  Documents detailing the crimes of the Pale House were contained in scroll tubes deep within CB. The court rejoiced, and the Queen announced that the party had done well to bring her such a well cooked and timely pudding.  She announced with glee that there would be a croquet match for her court to celebrate and for the party to negotiate with the Queen of Hearts about shutting off her realm to the Pale King and his Giant allies.

The party had to be dressed appropriately and sought the help of the royal tailor.  However, they couldn't afford his exorbitant prices.  Kvothe swore allegiance to the UltraDuke, who covered his costs for the outfit, Jarreth had the tapestry maker the group saved the last session stitch his tapestries into a Technicolor Dreamcoat.  The group then traveled to the croquet grounds, once again surrounded by the full finery and excess of the traveling court.  They were tasked with defeating three Giants in a friendly game of croquet, and the party looked out over a sea of thousands of wickets of different colors, sizes, and materials in apparently random locations. Jarreth asked for a token of the Dutchess to wear during his game and took a beautiful necklace.  Kvothe skulked around the edges and tried to assess the political situation.   Eventually, the party "fought" the giants in croquet, the giants seeming to be more concerned with crushing the party under the weight of their boulder-sized balls than actually scoring points.  The party impressed the court with their panashe, riding horses into the game, pulling trick shots, etc.  They were declared the winner when the goblin timer went off (a Heart Court timekeeping convention where goblins are assigned a task and time is up when they complete it or get themselves killed) 

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