Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fancy Giants

In my campaign, the beautiful and refined vampires of beyond the mirror are allied with the brutish and hulking giants in a marriage of convenience. The contrast between their levels of refinement could not be sharper, and obviously, the vampires are not going to allow a much of ugly, smelly giants to mess up their feasts, croquet matches, and masques.   They are happy to squeeze the giants into their versions of house dinner jackets (the ones you get when you've not dressed appropriately at a fancy restaurant)

This changes their stats and descriptions somewhat

Fancy Hill Giant
Perhaps feeling that bright colors and patterns would give a clownish appearance, some brave low-level vampire clothier has whipped up dark leather suits with neck ruffs.  The Hill Giants in question are constantly itching at their necks, splitting their pantaloons and generally acting like when you were 11 and your parents made you wear church clothes. The vampires try to keep them outside (to deal with the smell) and have found that croquet keeps them active without too much damage to property. They have the following changes:

AC increased to 16 due to heavy layers of leather and cloth

Greatclub replaced with Croquet Mallet, same stats

Rock replaced with Croquet Ball, first hit is the same as Rock Throw, but make a note of where the croquet ball landed.  Subsequent Croquet Ball attacks can knock into these balls, sending both or possible multiple balls bouncing into each other and around the battlefield, dealing full damage. Each Giant has their own colored balls and they are extremely skilled on the bounce.

One in every group of Hill Giants will have a Fancy Hat.  It is a frequent object of interest by the Giants, as it is the only distinguishing feature they are permitted, being all crammed in the same clothes.  Hats with positive effects are often worn by the biggest and meanest giant, runts are often forced to wear hats with negative effects.  Roll 1d12 or just choose.

1. Fez: Comes with luxury smoking jacket, pipe, and tobacco.  The most highly prized among giants.

2. Boater: In the summer, this hat adds +5 to the giant's to hit with both attacks. (Keeps the sun out of their eyes and increases self-confidence)
During the winter, if you roll a giant with this hat it indicates that this giant is wearing the hat out of season.  The other giants have been taught to be enraged by this and will tear the offending giant limb from limb.

3. Beret:  This hat indicates that this giant has an "artist's soul" as decided by a vampire noble.  This noble gives the giant frequent lessons in art, history, and poetry to the confused and enraged giant.  They have also collected the confused giant's responses in a chapbook of poetry titled Against the Giants, a Cry from The Wilderness. 

The noble will be nearby and will call out support and encouragement but will not assist their pupil in combat.  If the giant is injured or slain they will rush over to write down their dying words and poetry for posterity.

4. Bowler Hat: This durable felt hat is stuffed with wool or cloth to protect the head.  +1 AC and critical hits become normal hits.

5. Bicorne:  This giant has a cocky strut.

6. Cloche:  Horrifying as it is to contemplate, a bright bow on this hat indicates this giant is single and looking to mingle.

7. Dunce Cap: This giant does not understand why everyone is laughing at them and is enraged.  If any of the players laugh at or mock this giant, the giant's next attack does x2 damage.

8. Hennin:  A small band of goblins follows this giant about, attempting to snatch the hat off their head while they are distracted.  If a player steals the hat from either the giant or goblins, they receive a minor boon.

9. Party Hat: It is this giant's birthday (decided randomly by a vampire noble).  They have multiple large wrapped birthday presents, are covered in streamers and slightly lethargic from cake.  This giant has x4 treasure and -2 to attack.

10. Phrygian Cap: This giant has been confusingly recruited into one of the many liberation struggles of the Clubs and Spades, who rally around them and give many toasts to liberty, fraternity, and equality among the various card factions.  Any groups that get further than giving elaborate banquets and rousing speeches are quickly and summarily executed.

11. Sun Hat: For some reason, this giant is surrounded by flocks of unusual birds, including painted buntings, pine warblers, ash-throated flycatchers and even extending to extinct species like dodos.  The birds attack along with the giant and do an additional 1d6 damage if the giant hits.

12. Top Hat (collapsible): These giants are one of the few permitted indoors, and are generally doused in perfume.  Players within 5 feet must make a medium CON saving throw to avoid being sickened. This giant has a random vampire who will care if they are killed.

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