Monday, February 25, 2019

New Monster: Scapegoat

New Monster Idea: Scapegoat 

When your burdens are too hard to bear, a scapegoat is a perfect solution. Created by magically fusing a goat head onto the body of a screeching goblin, scapegoats are a magical vessel to store your regrets. A wizard can remove their memories in the presence of the scapegoat and transfer them over. 
Usually this takes the form of a small snowglobe that hovers near the scapegoat and replays the scene endlessly, tormenting the scapegoat instead of the wizard. 

Because it's possible to observe the snowglobes and learn about the regrets, and because making one is seen as shameful, they are usually stored in cages deep beneath wizard towers. They have no natural attacks, but each successful hit destroys a memory, releasing powerful magic and playing out the memory for all present (random spell cast on hit) 

I'm using one as the main enemy in a small dungeon, where the wizard/caretaker had too many shameful memories and moved too much of himself over. The Scapegoat became more and more powerful until it was able to overpower him, sucking out remaining memories and leaving him a confused shell of his former self. Now the Scapegoat runs things by manipulation and fear behind the scenes. The return of his memories is the thing the wizard needs most is also what he fears most.

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