Monday, February 11, 2019

Light Underground (Emerald Enclave Affiliated)

Reimagining the player factions provided by WOTC to something more specific and imo interesting.

Adventurers have a variety of options if they want to go below ground.  Every dive bar and tomb seems to link to vast underground complexes.  Below this, the molefolk's vast empire offers a warm welcome, clean tunnels, and as many worms as you can eat.  Even deeper, the drow and their various Underdark companions have many secret tunnels and boreholes to link up with the surface.  Keep going, and you'll find vast lightless seas, deep minds, and primordial psionic energies.

What happens if you go beyond that?  According to the Seekers of the Light, you will find yourself emerging inside the hollow earth, to a beautiful interior sun no living surface dweller has seen in eons.

The Seekers of the Light are, to put it simply, digging a hole to the center of the earth. The depth of the hole and what has been found within are tightly controlled secrets.  The druids and naturalists who make up the bulk of the organization's membership speak of the vast unexplored wilderness within the hollow earth as a verdant paradise.  In their mind, this surface world is already irredeemably civilized, spoiled and soft.  They plan to get to the hollow earth first, before the folk with their machines, and do everything they can to keep it wild.

Druid named Kola

Earth's Mantle


1. The druids have found multiple smaller openings leading to so-called "mini suns" in each verdant micro-ecosystem off the main tunnel.  Thousands of new species must be observed, with a high premium on sketches and watercolors as opposed to specimen collection.  The Light Underground can supply a watercolorist if none in the party are skilled.

2. Theo Carrow, a famous big game hunter, has broken into one of these ecosystems and is wreaking havoc.  The party must track him down and return him to the surface, freeing any specimen in captivity and avoiding damage to the local flora and fauna.

3.  At the very bottom of the borehole, the diggers, sappers, and druids work diligently to move earth up through a collection of bucket and pulley systems.  However, a previously unknown race of lizard people have emerged from tunnels below them to attack the crews.  Find and destroy this outpost.

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