Friday, March 17, 2017

Sandbox or Series of Adventures?

While writing out my huge sandbox, I realized that it's going to be very difficult to actually play.  Usually my group swaps DMs on the regular, but I haven't run anything for over a year due to time constraints.  It's hard to imagine that I'll suddenly have enough time to run so much material.  Maybe it's a better investment of my prep time to make one-off adventures, since I'm more likely to actually run them.

I've already broken out each section as kind of their own adventures (corn maize, faerie court, etc) so maybe I will just run them individually.  They could even lead from one to the other.

This could potentially change how I write this stuff up, and the type of prep I do, but that's probably it.  Also, it might be more tantalizing to get introduced to the world slowly that way.

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