Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Corn Maize Dungeon

Corn Maize

Montasor, Lord of the Stalks has made his home near Tarryfield, seizing acres of farmland and turning them into an insidious corn maze.  He lies at its heart, sending out his Corn People to kidnap his former neighbors.

Quest - reward by the Iron First for the head and lazer pitchfork of Montasor.  Or requested to save a particular person who was abducted by Corn People. 


You see fields completely dominated by corn, scarecrows everywhere. The corn gets taller and taller.  It has been hours since you last saw a farm or people.


Three tall crucifixes with corpses hanging on them mark a path through the thick corn. A hand painted sign says "Welcome to the Corn Maize."  You can see a huge grain silo far off in the distance. 

Players don't read past this part

Map of Corn Maize.  Of course, the party doesn't have to walk down the path, they can approach from any direction if they think to. Lines are paths through the corn maize, circles are clearings. 
1. Montasor, Lord of the Stalks lives here in his grain silo/wizard's tower. A Corn Sphinx guards the entrance to his tower, halfway through the transformation to corn creature.  It asks half confused riddles (answer is always "Corn"), wonders aloud what is happening to it, and begs for death.  It will fight against anyone trying to kill it.  It will fight against anyone who tries to enter the tower without answering its riddle. Tower is visible from anywhere in the maze.  Montasor + 2d8 Corn People.

2. Two factions of Corn people having a "Flower War."  They literally flower, band in groups, and writhe together in a mass orgy of violence, pollen dispersal and fertilization.  They will attempt to grab other corn people by the "hair" and dump pollen on them.  4d8 Corn People

3. Altar and stone carving of a corn god being carved by cornmasons. Statue looks like a long snake with corn for scales emerging from a corn plant and striking down a mouse. Anything placed on this altar with "ripen" (whatever that means for the object) 2 Cornmasons

4. Scarecrows being made.  Corn people take captured humans, stuff them full of corn and sew them up inside burlap sacks that look like scarecrows.  1d8 prisoners, 8-1d8 scarecrows already made. 1d6 Corn people.

5. Massacre.  Corn people on corn horses ride down pumpkin-headed people, slaughtering them.  The pumpkin people are defenseless. 3d6 Corn People, 1d4 Corn Knights

6.  A giant pumpkin mound (huge pumpkin headed creature) has been stabbed into the ground with spears.  Corn people twirl around it with ribbons like a maypole. 2d8 Corn People

7. Korn Concert.  Large gathering of Corn People looking at 4 Corn People on a stage.  The audience writhes rhythmically in response to the shadows of the "musicians" passing over them.  Completely silent.

8. Several humans trussed up and cut so that their lifeblood will bleed into the dark earth,  2d6 Corn people.


Any areas cleared of Cornfolk have pumpkin people in them next time the party approaches, unless they are next to a node that still has Cornfolk.  The pumpkin people are pulling up the (nonsentient) corn stalks.

The Cornfolk are completely silent and don't have mouths.

Roll for wandering monsters if the party goes off the path, or every 10 mins.

Use Arnold's Goblin thing if the Cornfolk would otherwise just be standing around

Wandering Monsters (1d6)

1. Corn Minotaur
2. 2d6 Corn People on a Flower War
3. Corn Cleric and 2d6 Corn People Guards.  Cleric has a book of corn ink on corn leaves that explains the highly mythologized history of Montasor and the Corn People. 
4. 2d4 Scarecrows
5. Droggin (or lives at position 3)
6. Cornicorn (Corn Unicorn)


  1. Thanks! You also reminded me to post some quest "seeds" I wrote for my group that can personalize the dungeon

    Other adventure seeds: In addition to the contract on Montasor, you could also
    1. know someone who was kidnapped, quest to save them
    2. Have a research contract to investigate the growth abilities of the Corn People
    3. be investigating rumors of a mysterious "Altar of Ripening"
    4. Be seeking the mythical "Cornicorn" a unicorn with an ear of corn instead of a horn. Very rare and beautiful. Cures Erectile Disfunction