Tuesday, July 21, 2020

RAPL Combat Complications

  1. Chandeliers are installed by contractors.  An insane amount
  2. Actors and Story Characters wander into the battlefield as part of a masque roughly mirroring the events of the actual combat
  3. Theater Curtains close off half the battlefield.  NPCs on the "audience" side boo and cheer, plus continue covertly assassinating etc.  Loud hisses and boos from anyone who overtly attacks
  4. Intermission is called. Servers offer refreshments. Inane chatter
  5. Painters set up canvasses to paint heroic grand canvases from life and compete to hawk their wares to various combatants by portraying them in a favorable light.  Requires staying still 
  6. An Edict is Promulgated requiring that people only turn left, or fight with their off hands, or various other things

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