Sunday, January 27, 2019


He is a captive? of Duke Von Skorn, Spymaster to the Regent of Vornheim.  Fortune teller and soothsayer, he is responsible for all the Duke's successes in the brutal world of high-level political intrigue.  Wildly unstable, he threatens all who enter his tower, wildly gesturing and threatening with his anachronistic gun (+7 to hit, 8d8 damage, ignores AC from armor unless its Kevlar). The Duke sends servants to collect advice in exchange for food and high powered telescopes, usually, 1/3 servants are summarily shot.

His predictions are completely accurate if strangely phrased. But he's such a weirdo and so threatening that the PCs will probably kill him.  He has a high pitched, nasally voice and likes to float near the PCs heads and put his gun to their temples. If not attacked he will read their fortunes and demand food.  He will not shoot first.

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