Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Mythical Cornicorn

A rare eyewitness drawing of the mythical Cornicorn  
The Cornicorn is a beautiful and elusive creature, at home in the vast monocultures of domesticated corn. 

It is attracted to virgin soil.  If a field of earth that has never before been cultivated is freshly plowed and the soil bared to the full moonlight, the Cornicorn may appear.  All its fierceness will cease and it will lay its horn into the earth.  Thus quieted it is easily caught. If the Cornicorn is not disturbed the field will produce a bountiful harvest of corn next season. 

The corn of the Cornicorn's horn can be safely removed without harming the animal, and the resulting corn can have various magical properties depending on the preparation.  The most common refrain is that eating of the corn will cure erectile dysfunction.  Many kings and nobles have sponsored discreet adventuring parties to secure this magical corn.

Stats: As Unicorn in your system.

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