Friday, February 24, 2017

Op Amp Time Dungeon

Operational Amplifiers are circuit components that multiply a voltage. The most interesting part of Op Amps is feedback, when you loop the output current back into the Op Amp again.

Dungeon Map
You use them for all sorts of things, but in general Op Amp problems mean you're looking for one solution.  

The dungeon map is the Op Amp diagram above.  Lines are corridors, resistors are interact-able objects.  There is an orc with a chest in the triangular room.  When you leave the triangular room, you're looped back to the start, in space and time.  Your previous selves are there or just left (can't decide which is better).  Now there's two orcs in the room.  Next time 3 etc.  Each time you interact with the objects your previous choices all have to happen first.  You're looking to solve a simple puzzle that needs to occur over multiple iterations.

Like you have the Legend of the Hidden Temple parts, so you have to go through multiple loops to collect them, then multiple loops to stack the parts of the monkey right (as a very simple example.) Each time more orcs.

Obviously this needs to be some kind of time themed dungeon.  Needs more work but wanted to get the idea down now.

More dungeons based on circuit diagrams maybe coming soon!

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