Saturday, January 2, 2016

1d10 Payments for Magical Healing

Holy Men disdain your filthy lucre.  Here are some things they might demand instead.

1. Your Firstborn Child
2. Your Name.  You must now go by a title given by the cleric.
3. Your Name.  You must switch names with the cleric.  (40% that the cleric is cursed and is trying to evade identification by malign forces)
4. Your Sense.  Lose a sense of your choice.
5. Your Fingernails.  No, not just the clippings.  The whole thing.  
6. Your Blood.  A good amount, perhaps a Liter.
7. Your Stealth. You have to wear a bell for the rest of your life.
8. Your Teeth.  3 minimum.
9. Your Dreams.  You will never dream again.
10. Your Promise.  You owe the cleric one.

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