Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mutation Spell and table

The following spell, Mutation, is a homebrew, made by me for my HOTDQ game.  The Cobalt Claw, one of the five churches of Tiamut that make up the dragon cult, researched this spell in order to spread their vision of a world of exotomps, half-breeds, hybrids and mutants.  To be selected to undergo this spell is considered a great honor, and is mandatory for those seeking the position of Bishop. Only one of my players is capable of casting this atm, so I might make it on the Bard spell list as well as the sorcerer/wizard list.  Our bard has some interest in body horror and inherited traits/bloodlines.

Your crew after casting this spell

Third level transmutation [ritual]

Casting Time: One Minute
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration Instantaneous, Permanent

You touch a creature and force wild magic into their DNA structure, creating a permanent mutation.  If the creature is unwilling, they make a Constitution Save against your spell save DC. On a success, they are unaffected by the spell.  If they fail the save, or are willing, roll a d10 and consult the chart below.  The effects of this spell can be reversed only by a Greater Restoration or Wish spell.  
1. Night Eye  One of the target's eyes swells to enormous proportion, stretching their head with it.  Huge Pupil is always dilated.  The target has perfect darkvision if they didn't have it already, but only out of that eye.  They are at disadvantage in bright light unless they wear an eyepatch.  
2. Extra Arm: The Target grows an extra arm from their chest.  The arm is sickly and weak, but can hold a dagger or potion.  1 extra dagger attack when they take the attack action, if armor is properly equipped with a hole in it.       
3. No Face.  Where the target's face was, there is now blank, featureless skin.  No mouth, eyes or nose.  The Target begins to suffocate and is blind.  
4. Stolen Shadow.  The target no longer casts a shadow or has a reflection.  You (the caster) may cast the spell Simulacrum once in your life for free (no spells slots, still takes an action), using this creature as the chosen target.
5. Instant Facial Hair.  Roll a d4, (d4): handlebar 'stache, ZZ Top beard, Zappa soul patch, evil twin black goatee.  Regrows if cut, no other facial hair will grow. Gender neutral.
6.  Radar/Sonar  The target grows huge bat ears and has blindsight out to 60 feet.
7.  Aquatic: The target grows functioning gills on the side of their neck.  If they do not immerse in water every day, suffer one level of exhaustion. 
8.  Albinism
9. 360 Vision:  The Target grows extra eyes sprouting out of the back and sides of the head.  If a short hairstyle is worn, they can see all around them in 360 degrees.  +1 to initiative and cannot be surprised if in the normal sensory range.  
 10. Instant Horrible Death

This guy was gonna be the Cobalt Cult/Mutation guy, but then the party murdered him


  1. Not murdered so much as brutally attacked, knocked out and taken back for questioning. "Shoot first ask questions later" only really fails when you forget to ask the questions later.

  2. Me too, Tom! Also, John, what ended up happening with that guy again?

  3. Oh right, he was later murdered! Lol 😲